Flight Network Recommends Hello Blue Cave

Stiniva beach, Croatia, from above

“On the best and newest boats you can visit Blue Cave and other islands around Split allowing for yet another splendid day on the crystal clear water. You can choose between two types of tours depending on your taste and price range. Regardless of which one you choose, this will be a wonderful day”.

This is what the global travel agency Flight Network wrote about Hello Blue Cave in their blog post “72 Hours of Adventure and Tours in Split”.


In this great article Flight Network highlighted all the very best tours that they think travellers should go with when they visit our beautiful Split. And Hello Blue Cave was of course on this list!


Flight Network is a leading travel agency in the world, and every day they send thousands of travellers on excellent holidays around the world. This means that when they recommend a business, you know it is only because it is one of the best.


At Hello Blue Cave we continue to put our customers first and offer great tours where visitors to Split will really get to explore the amazing scenery and waters in our gorgeous area. Our great new boats offer nothing but comfort, so a tour with us with undoubtedly make your visit to Split much better!


We look forward to seeing you at Hello Blue Cave, and thank you Flight Network for including us in your article as one of the best tours in Split!

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